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Audio Solution - Feasycom Audio BT Module
Dec 24, 2018

We compared Feasycom Data transmit BT module in the last news , and we could fully get the BT module selection of Feasycom company , like the BLE module , there has FSC-BT616 and FSC-BT630 , if the dual mode module , the FSC-BT826 will the first choice , etc.

But how about the Audio solution of module ? very lucky Feasycom is here , Feasycom has the Audio solution Bluetooth module which is rarely in the marketing , and contain the fully solution from economical to multi-functional Audio BT module , the more module details is as following:

Please kindly noted: We released the news about csr8670 and csr8675 before , you could check it by this link:


FSC-BT802 : FSC-BT802 is our main promotion module , adopt csr8670 chipset , it’s BT V5.0 dual mode module , supports HSP , HFP , A2DP , AVRCP,PBAP,SPP and GATT profile , and built-in 16M flash , supports apt-x , and also could add other functions , likes TWS , Share me and so on ,
Supports Audio receive and transimit integrate , and supports audio 16bits DAC .
FSC-BT802’s certification: CE , FCC , BQB , IC , TELEC , RoHS .
Dimension: 11.5*10*2mm

FSC-BT806: FSC-BT806 could adopt csr8670 and csr8675 chip , it’s BT V5.0 dual mode module , supports A2DP , AVRCP , HFP , HSP , HID , PBAP , SPP and GATT profile , if adopt csr8675 chip , supports 24bits DAC
FSC-BT806 built-in 16M flash in it ,could add other functions , likes TWS , Share me and so on.
Dimension: 13*26.9*2.2mm

FSC-BT1006A: FSC-BT1006A is the economic solution, adopt QCC3007 chip ,it’s BT V5.0 dual mode module , supports HSP , HFP , A2DP , AVRCP , PBAP , MAP , SPP , GATT profile , built-in 8M flash.
Dimension: 13*26.9*2.2mm

FSC-BT901: FSC-BT901 adopt csr8811 chip , it’s BT V4.2 dual mode , supports SPP , HID , GATT , ANCS , A2DP profile , this one is not include the antenna , and small size .
Dimension: 10*11.9*1.7mm

FSC-BT906: FSC-BT906 adopt csr8811 chip , and BT V4.2 dual mode module , supports HSP , HFP , A2DP , AVRCP , OPP , DUN , SPP , GATT profile,the dimension: 13*26.9*2.4mm
Please check these module’s information , if has the Audio questions or need the Audio module , just message us freely .