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WiFi hardware
Apr 10, 2017

With the development of wireless network, the application field of wireless network Module 2010 is quite extensive!

But the wireless Fidelity module is a high-frequency product. It is not like ordinary consumer electronics, production design time will have some inexplicable phenomena and problems, so that some of the engineers without high-frequency design experience in the effort, experienced practitioners, often also need to rely on expensive equipment to assist in the analysis.

For the wireless network part of the processing, there is directly to the wireless real part of the layout to the PCB board the design, this design, need courage and technology, because of its own module price is not high, motherboard corresponding product price is expensive, when there is a wireless real part of the problem, debugging and replacement of more troublesome, direct scrap unfortunately; so many designs are willing to adopt modular wireless fidelity parts, which can directly make the Wi-Fi part of the modular, easy to handle, and the module can be directly disassembled, There is also a great help in the design risk and the specific attrition of the product.