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WiFi composition
Apr 10, 2017

Generally set up the basic wireless network is equipped with wireless card and an AP, so that the wireless mode, coupled with the existing wired structure to share network resources, erection costs and complexity is far lower than the traditional wired network. If only a couple of computers, or not the AP, only the need for each computer equipped with wireless network card. The AP is an access point abbreviation, which is generally translated as "wireless access points", or "Bridging device". It plays a bridge of wireless workstation and wired local network in the media access control layer Mac. With AP, the wireless workstation can be quickly and easily connected to the network, like the hub of a general wired network. Especially for the use of broadband, wireless fidelity more advantages, Wired broadband network (ADSL, community LAN, etc.) to households, connect to an AP, and then install a wireless network card in the computer. An ordinary family has an AP enough, and even if the user's neighborhood is authorized, it does not need to add a port, and can surf the internet in a shared way.