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FeasyBeacon Mini BP103 Beacon User Guide V1.3
Jan 27, 2018

FeasyBeacon Mini BP103 Beacon User Guide V1.3



FeasyBeacon Mini is a battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-beacon, with professional “FeasyBeacon” APP work via Ios and Android System, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (URL and UID), AltBeacon for broadcasting.


FeasyBeacon Mini using the TI CC2640R2F Chipset, providing 10 slots broadcast advertising frames. Transmit distance reach up to 80m .

With the tiny and lightweight shape, it is the perfect choice for stable or temporary installations, such as shops, museums, exhibits, trade fairs, retails, stadium, asset identification, restaurant, etc.



FeasyBeacon APP Download


l  IOS system download “FeasyBeacon” from APP Store


l  Android system download “FeasyBeacon” from Google Play



iOS Setting: (default password: 0000)


Need to work with the APP since Chrome removes Physical Web support on iOS and Android On Oct,2017.(Physical Web is recommended)



Android Smart Phone (Eddystone Setting)  (default password: 0000)


1>  Turn on the Bluetooth & Location Service of the Android system.

2>  Android Smart Phone will repeat the proximity beacon searching process when every time lock on the smartphone’s screen.

3>  The beacon broadcasting information will pop up via notification, as the below image showing



4>  Visiting the beacon URL Link.





FeasyBeacon Mini FSC-BP103 Battery replacement Method:



1>Checking the slot to open the feasycom Mini.    As the right picture showing                                      blob.png


2>Replace the battery,

Notice The anode and the cathode of the battery

As the right picture showing



 web:  www.feasycom.com 

email: sales@feasycom.com 

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